Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ode to the Feathered Ones

If often wish, when I'm absorbed in watching harrier soar through the sky, that I was a writer. That I could put pen to paper and adequately compose poetry to match the majesty and spirit of these wonderful birds. But I'm not. Instead, I have to make do with reading the words of others who do a far better job than I could ever do.

Sometimes, it's the Wind,
Sometimes it's the Calm.
Something about clouds
Swirling around.

Sometimes its the wheat fields
as they dance in the light.
Or the sounds of the leaves
as they make their last flight.
The sounds of the ocean,
the waves as they crash,

Something so small or something so large,
Or even at times, it's nothing at all.

The splendor of the things,
that touch to the soul
Stir the depths of emotion,
from places unknown.

A feeling, there are but few words to describe,
It's of love and respect, excitement and calm
A place of perspective,
The center of peace.

A place once you have been there,
Your faith, will increase
A feeling of knowing,
Not in futures untold,
but that what ever life brings you,
You will carry on.

It's a feeling a flight,
High into the sky,
A place of such lightness
tears touch your eyes.

Not tears of fear, nor tears of pain,
Nor tears of sorrow,
though they can mingle and blend

Tears of a Joy, that can push you
to fear,
The fear of flying that we all hear.

But should you have the courage
to fly:
The courage to look on into the sky,
To gaze from the heights to the earth far below,
To feel the wind rush straight to your soul.

Your life will never
be what it once was

You'll find new beauty in the places you live,
You'll feel for another as if your own pain,
The Smiles you share, will come from the depths or your heart,
And the joys that it brings you,
There is nothing to compare,
Except of course,
The feeling of light;
With the Wings of an Eagle
The freedom of Flight.

by D.Enise

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